Did You Know 64% of patient calls in hospitals and nursing homes do not require a nurse?

Intego ProNet.net Nurse Call System

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Special Care Systems LLC is a Full Service Authorized Distributor for Intego® Systems, Inc. We are proud to carry the next generation of nurse call – the ProNet.net Nurse Call System. This Windows® client-server based platform is specifically designed to increase the ease and functionality in which hospital personnel interact with patients.

The ProNet solution incorporates a web-based interface, digitally enhanced audio, and a pluggable server architecture. The result is a system that streamlines communication between the patient and the hospital staff, leading to faster response times, higher quality personal care and greater patient satisfaction.

The ProNet.net system is able to categorize patient requests and direct those requests to the appropriate staff members.By integrating communications (i.e., wireless phones and pagers), the hospital staff is able to respond to patient requests more quickly, efficiently and effectively. Each patient request, and corresponding staff response, is recorded in a database for future reference. This information can be extremely valuable for planning, staffing and risk management purposes.

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Special Care Systems is a Full Service Authorized Distributor of Intego Products.